Resource Environmental Solutions displays visionary approach with PFAS disposal

Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) has always endeavoured to navigate the complexities of waste management with ingenuity and agility. As a result, it has had a series of impressive wins. One notable triumph has been its work with a client requiring PFAS disposal (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and groundwater decontamination.

Traditionally, the management of PFAS involves either reintroducing it into the environment through landfill or deep disposal wells. High-temperature incinerators serve as the only alternative, effectively destroying PFAS by converting it into ash. 

When RES partnered with a client in New South Wales, its mission was to manage their highly contaminated product differently. It undertook the task of removing PFAS from groundwater, filtering and extracting the chemicals, transporting them securely from NSW to Victoria, and using thermal destruction to dispose of them completely – without resorting to the common practice of returning it to the earth. Using its far-reaching network of waste management providers, RES was able to offer a solution that not only proved effective but also embodied the non-traditional parameters that define its industry approach.

“Our strategy embodies our mission statement: agility in the waste space,” says Jayson Kenny, Business Manager at RES. “This is facilitated by our unique business model in which we outsource all physical logistics. Without trucks or bins of our own, we partner with various service providers, some of which are unconventional in the waste management industry. This model not only provides us with flexibility but also promotes innovative thinking. It is an approach that caters to the needs of our clients who may not be in a position to sign contracts or prefer alternatives to traditional waste management companies.”

The versatility of our approach is demonstrated by its recent partnership with Fitness & Lifestyle Group (FLG), Asia Pacific’s largest group of corporately owned health and wellness clubs. This partnership has allowed RES to apply its unique model to the business’ operations. “Previously, the Fitness & Lifestyle Group was juggling multiple contractors across their nationwide stores and brands,” explains Jayson. “We simplified this for them by consolidating their waste management needs into a single, manageable invoice.”

Another benefit to FLG is RES’s detailed reporting, whereby adapting to client preferences, whether that means manipulating raw data or presenting it in a specific format, allows businesses to seamlessly integrate costs and detail into their own reporting platforms.

Resource Environmental Solutions is continually striving to redefine the contours of waste management. By embracing agility, innovative thinking, and a deep commitment to understanding clients’ unique needs, RES is reimagining waste solutions one challenge at a time.

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