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Building and construction waste

Effective construction and building waste management can have wide-ranging benefits, including meeting environmental protection standards, economic savings, and contribution to sustainable development goals.

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Management solutions for construction and building waste

After we conduct our initial waste assessment we follow a variety of protocols to help define the plan for your business or organisations needs.

Efficient Waste Segregation

Waste brokers can help in the segregation of construction waste, ensuring that materials like wood, metal, concrete, and glass are separated properly. This segregation is vital for effective recycling and disposal.

Cost-Effective Disposal Solutions

By leveraging our network and knowledge, we can find the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of construction waste. We also do this by streamlining the logistics of waste separation, collection and transportation. Our goal is to improve waste diversion into reusable streams.

Recycling and Reuse

Our team can help you identify opportunities for recycling and reusing building materials, which not only reduces the environmental impact but can also be cost-effective and in some cases, generate a potential revenue stream.

Our approach

Creating a plan that works for you

Resource Environmental Solutions can take a deeper look at your waste streams to create you a customised plan.

Building waste offers a unique sustainability opportunity due to both the environmental implications of such waste and the opportunities for resource recovery and re-use.

With proper management strategies, we can you help you turn your waste liabilities into assets, contributing to more sustainable and circular business practises.

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Reporting made easier.

We deliver you one waste report covering all your waste streams and highlighting your decreases in collections and costs, along with the increases in recycling rates – helping you ticks all the ‘green’ boxes.


Building and construction waste management with sustainability in mind

At Resource Environmental Solutions, we can arrange the collection and disposal of all types building and construction waste directly from your development site or depot – anywhere in Australia.

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