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Oil and liquid waste

For many companies, the disposal of their oil and liquid waste is a huge and costly challenge. We work with clients to make sure it gets disposed of in the most efficient and environmentally sound way.

We’ll work with you to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for liquid wastes like: 

  • Organic liquid waste
  • Hazardous chemical liquid waste
  • DAF pump outs
  • Packaged waste
  • Sludge waste
  • Emergency spill response
  • IBC and drum residue liquid waste
  • Greasetrap pump out
  • Cooking oil collection service
Liquid Waste


Management solutions for oil and liquid waste​

Given the potential environmental, health, and safety implications of these materials we have fostered long-term relationships with preferred suppliers who are guaranteed to meet all EPA/OEH requirements for containment and collection, consignment authorities, DG licensing and NATA approved laboratories to conduct waste classification testing.

At Resource Enviro we will only work with reputable companies providing expert waste liquid collection and recycling solutions. We consistently champion genuine oil recycling methods to decrease the dependency on incinerating oil as the sole disposal technique.

The companies we work with have specialised oil and solvent collection vehicles and state-of-the-art facilities. In many cases recovered oils have the potential to be refined into lubricants, transformed into fuel oils, or serve as primary materials for refining and the petrochemical sector.

For potentially dangerous materials and pollutants we only connect you to the best suppliers in Australia.

Our approach

Creating a plan that works for your business

Resource Environmental Solutions can take a deeper look at your waste food and organic waste streams to create you a customised plan.

Food and organics waste offers a unique sustainability opportunity due to both the environmental implications of such waste and the opportunities for resource recovery.

With proper management strategies, we can you help you turn your waste liabilities into assets, contributing to more a sustainable and circular economy.

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Reporting made easier.

We deliver you one waste report covering all your waste streams and highlighting your decreases in collections and costs, along with the increases in recycling rates – helping you ticks all the ‘green’ boxes.


Responsible disposal of oil and liquid waste

At Resource Environmental Solutions, we can arrange the collection and disposal of all types of oil and liquid waste​ anywhere in Australia.

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